Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Museum Has a Birthday

On Friday, June 2, 1939, the Museum at Guernsey State Park opened. If my math is correct that will make it 77 today – Happy Birthday - 

Interesting and sad that the hard working Civilian Conservation Corps men, who built it, were all gone. The last CCC workers left Guernsey in August of 1938.
Guernsey State Park CCC Museum

I spent nearly an hour trying to find a few other events, famous events, that happened on that day. Guess what? Not much could be found. Maybe I should have started this post with the headline, Today’s Most Important Event in America - The Opening of Guernsey State Park’s Fabulous CCC Museum. That sounds pretty good and not nearly as grim as the only other happening that made much news that day, a brutal beating murder in Chicago.
My Grandson Looking Around Inside the Museum
Actually, I told Him to Pretend He was Looking at the Displays
Then I Had a Hard Time Getting Him to Leave
History is Great for all Ages

Want to learn more about Guernsey State Park? Take a look at my book on the CCC and the building of the park here. It is available in softcover and as an eBook, a large number of photos both new and historical, (200 or so) in the book, make the softcover a great coffee table, office, or gift book. Take a look today and thanks!

Happy Birthday!
Just One of the Wonderful Views From the Museum