Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brimmer Point

The famous view from Brimmer Point
Anyone, visiting the park that has not taken the time to drive, or hike up to Brimmer Point is missing out on something special. Here is what I wrote about the Point in my book on the Civilian Conservation Corps and the building of Guernsey State Park.
Watching boats on the lake from The Point

Brimmer Point and the road leading to this, the highest point in the park, were intended to be one of the highlights of Skyline Drive. The Point, setting at the top of Powell Mountain is named after an influential Cheyenne businessman who helped push legislation to build the park. Brimmer Point features a prairie style sandstone viewing area. Built up twenty feet above the parking lot the viewing level is reached by a beautifully made set of curving stone steps leading to the observation platform. The Civilian Conservation Corps built steps, and the viewing area blend into the landscape almost unnoticed to the casual observer.
Going to the top

Things to remember when visiting Brimmer Point

1.  The road, like the Point, was a project of Camp BR-10 of the Civilian Conservation Corps.
2.  It was built not only for a view of the lake but of Laramie Peak and the range to the north and Guernsey to the south as well.
3.  No one was hurt in the building of Brimmer Point, even though it must have been terribly dangerous.
4.  The fence was added to after young women reportedly fell from the cliff in the 50s or 60s. (A story I was told when researching the park, I was never able to substantiate, which I hope means that if it indeed took place, no one was seriously injured).
5.  They really did push a car from Brimmer Point as part of the early water carnivals held in the park
6.  The trail from Brimmer Point to the bridge below is a terrific walk – give it a try. Oh- remember to have someone drive your car down so that you do not have to walk back up unless that is your plan, which isn’t bad either.
We even enjoy the cold weather views

The Book

Want to find our more? Click on my book about the park on the right-hand side of this page and read a free sample. The book is available in many locations, in the park, it can be purchased, autographed copy, at the Parks Civilian Conservation Corps, museum.

Why The Green Print?

The color of the tree Army – The terrific CCC men, who built Guernsey State Park.
Brimmer Point as seen from the park Museum