Friday, July 1, 2016

Park Visitors

Wow - What A Great Day In The Park  -  Here I Am Working
It is always enjoyable to take visitors out to the park.  The most difficult decision is often what to see, and more often than not it depends on how much time we have. There are so many places worth seeing, it can make for some tough choices.  This time, the visitors were young and settled for a Red Cliff Trail hike Thursday evening and Brimmer Point and a visit to the Castle Friday.
Our View This Evening From Brimmer Point Looking West 
  We wanted to visit the Museum also but with so much going on with family did not make it – too bad, I love that place.

This evening with a storm coming in the park was cool and breezy, the clouds magnificent. 
This Photo Opp Was Set Up By The CCC 80 Years ago
We Instruct Everyone To Shoot One Of These