Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Lake is Full and the River is up

Surprise, the river is running again. All that rain made a difference. I had 3.40 in my backyard gauge last week. We took a drive out when we noticed the river running some water downstream earlier this week.

I love the little falls below the dam.
This should be a must-see for park visitors.

I got a message this week asking if Guernsey State Park had any mountains. This one is pretty neat and since the definition of a mountain is simply a large hill the rises above the surrounding area often ending in a peak - the answer is yes, several.

We have hiked trails on, Marsh Mountain, Roundtop Mountain, Powell Mountain and Knight Mountain in the park. The one below? I cannot find a name for it so decided to name it after myself.
No, not really. Maybe Crown Mountain as it looks like it is wearing a crown.
There are some great looking mountains in the park - this one is east of Lakeshore Drive

Monday, April 20, 2015

Skyline Drive

We took several trips on Skyline Drive this past week. A few weeks ago I posted some photos from our drive on Lakeshore Drive and promised a trip along the west side soon.
Saw this great pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons on our way into the park
So today, here it is. Our trip also involved a nice hike on the Brimmer Point to Newell Bay trail, a great historic CCC trail. I will post some photos from it later this week.
Wild Flowers are starting in the park
Roads on the west side were built for the view
Nice Hen Turkey
Newell Bay from Brimmer Point Trail
Break time

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Walk On The Beach

A Walk On The Beach

Sometimes there is nothing like a walk on the beach. That is just what I did today. For an hour and a half I did not see a car and could hear only the water lapping at the edge of the lake, a few birds singing and yes, a train.

I often forget how wonderfully relaxing a walk on the beach can be. It was warm and beautiful. A robin decided to walk with me and stayed close by for half an hour.
It even turned around when I did and cheerfully hoped along in front of me.

Beaches everywhere are in a constant state of change. High water bringing in new, I wonder what that is, stuff.
Nothing better than a middle of the week walk on the beach.

Very nice indeed, give it a try, I guarantee you will feel better afterward.
And maybe you will see a butterfly

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brimmer Point

Brimmer Point

We took our first trip of the year up to Brimmer Point a few days ago.
View of Newell Bay from the bridge on Brimmer Point Trail

 I never get tired of the views from the point, spectacular in every direction.
The view from the Point

It always adds to the fun when some of our kids and grandkids who were up for the day come along.
The Vultures have been back in the park for about two weeks now. My wife and two granddaughters hiked down the trail from Brimmer Point to the trail bridge. This guy must have been hoping they wouldn't make it, they fooled him.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oh - For the want of a few Marshmallos

Oh, how I wish we had some marshmallows. Why? We took one of our many evening trips to the park last week and found a fire. Or at least the remains of a fire, in the Castle’s fireplace. Only a few coals still hot. I stirred it a little and we had a fire.

Pretty nice, with the sun setting, quiet, and a wonderful fire. But sadly, no marshmallows and no grandkids. If we would have had both along it would have been a perfect evening. As it was, it was nearly so.
View from the North Bluff Castle is still one of the best anywhere

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Picture In the Park is Worth a Thousand Words

It has been so nice that we have been in the park four of the past five days. Thought today I would post three, a picture is worth a thousand words photos, all taken last evening in the park.
Deer are out and about this time of year
Fire in the sky sunset
An Eagle soars above the narrows with the setting sun as a backdrop.