Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Lake is Full and the River is up

Surprise, the river is running again. All that rain made a difference. I had 3.40 in my backyard gauge last week. We took a drive out when we noticed the river running some water downstream earlier this week.

I love the little falls below the dam.
This should be a must-see for park visitors.

I got a message this week asking if Guernsey State Park had any mountains. This one is pretty neat and since the definition of a mountain is simply a large hill the rises above the surrounding area often ending in a peak - the answer is yes, several.

We have hiked trails on, Marsh Mountain, Roundtop Mountain, Powell Mountain and Knight Mountain in the park. The one below? I cannot find a name for it so decided to name it after myself.
No, not really. Maybe Crown Mountain as it looks like it is wearing a crown.
There are some great looking mountains in the park - this one is east of Lakeshore Drive