Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pretty Peaceful This Time of Year

Looks like a bit of inspection work going on at the dam.
Always something interesting in the park, even at the end of October. It has been a beautiful fall and we have enjoyed walking, hiking and just driving through.
When the water slows to a trickle in the spillway it creates some interesting small waterfalls.

Seems to be a lot of these little guys in the park, and haven't seen any sign of coyotes might be a banner year for rabbits.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

End Of The Day

Sunset at the Museum, and end of another work day for the Civilian Conservation Corps at Guernsey State Park.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Canyon Trail

The Black Canyon Trail is a seldom, if ever, used trail in the park. But what a great trail. It is still marked but a bit hard to follow in places. Someone, a few years back, put marking tape on a few trees along the way, but it is fading fast. We hiked this trail for the first time in two years last Friday and found it both challenging and wonderful.

This trail is on the east side across from Black Canyon point, just across from the little camping area at the bay at Black Canyon. This hike takes some time, it took us a bit over two hours but it is worth the time. Not overly strenuous but does have some pretty serious uphill's as you walk.

Because this trail would take too much work for bicycles it has become a kind of forgotten walk. It was better before the fire as were all of the park burn areas.

Give it a try - this might be the best hike in the park, big rocks, trees, wildlife, views and great exercise. I took over 100 photos and will attempt to post five or six, or maybe 11.
The Start

Into the wood

Sometimes at the end of the trail something unexpected, a long forgotten CCC road and hidden CCC culvert.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday In The Park

Everyday is an adventure in the park. We didn't do any hiking Sunday as the wind was howling but we still could not resist at least a drive in the park. This Sunday it was quick evening drive, Davis Bay, Brimmer Point and the North Bluff Castle, still the best park in Wyoming.

The view looking north from Brimmer Point
Part of a flock of hundreds of Sand hills crains flying south over the Castle
Mom and the twins out in the park
Ahhh - cute little guy
Time to head back to Guernsey
Nothing like it - The Castle on the North Bluff

Davis Bay Color


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Random Photos Today in the Park

So who is hanging out in the Park now that most of the visitors are back home? This guy
Reflections at Sundown
The Falls at Guernsey State Park - Never seen them before? When the spillway is running a low volume of water these falls develop below the spillway. They are always there but hard to see when the spillway is running hard.

Back in the park for the first time in two weeks. Some nice fall color, not sure I am ready for winter but I have always enjoyed the changing of the seasons.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Vacation Over

Two of my favorite girls on the beach at Claiborne State Park
Nice to be home in Wyoming again. We were only away for two weeks, but for us, that is too long to be outside of Wyoming. With my passion for parks we made some great visits to both state and national parks on our trip. Still think Guernsey State Park is the best kept secret in the west.

Little White Tail Still Has Spots at Claiborne State Park Louisiana - an outstanding park.
Guernsey State Park Sunset
The Narrows