Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Silt Run

The silt run is on in the park. The river is muddy but we only need another week. The lake should be full by August 5. That means everything should start clearing up soon. Meanwhile the low water in the lake make for some great photo opportunities.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birds of a Feather

The silt run is on but there is still some pretty interesting things to see and do in the park. When the lake is down it always brings the pelicans and herons,
must be easy fishing this time of year.

One advantage of the silt run - plenty of places to picnic - the wonderful North Bluff Castle

Where the view is spectacular even if smoke from far off forest fires is a small distraction

When the Vultures start to circle it must mean it's time to go home.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What About the Bureau of Reclamation?

My recent book, The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Building of Guernsey State Park, has brought some interesting questions. Here are a few things I have been asked as I promote and sell the book.

Did the Civilian Conservation Corps build the dam?
The answer is no, the dam, gates, gatehouse and powerhouse were built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

When was the dam built?
Completed in 1927, 88 years ago. Appropriate for this post the dam was finished in July of that year.

88 years old this month and still looking super
Has anything been added since the CCC finished the park?

The answer is yes, but not as many things as some might believe. The two major additions after the CCC building of the park are the Sandy Beach area and the Long Canyon area. Of course many things have been updated but the park remains essentially the same as when it was built by the CCC in the 1930s.
No changes here, the wonderful Sitting Bull Shelter, off Lakeshore Drive

The book continues to sell beyond my grandest expectations, for which I am most grateful.
Click here to see the book link, and thanks

Selling so well that we went on vacation last week – I wish. But we did go back and enjoyed spending time with our Nebraska families.

The lake is low right now with the silt run but the Museum, picnic areas and trails are still as good as ever. Hope many can get out and experience the park this week. 
A view from the trail - Roundtop Mountain Trail looking toward Guernsey

Sunday, July 12, 2015

From the Top of the Mountain

What a hike! Hard work with some rugged terrain but it was worth it. Five hikers and one dog made it to the top of Guernsey State Park’s Knight Mountain.
View from the top through the Knight Mountain Keyhole

Knight Mountain is the second highest point, after Brimmer Point, in the park.
Brimmer Point seems to be lower than Knight Mountain in this view atop the Mountain
In our hike rating system (a system that is based on nothing other than how tired we are when finished) we gave this one a four for difficulty out of five. Most of the trails in the park are in the two or three range. This is very likely the most difficult trail built in the park by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
The trail down through this deep cut in the rock

This one doesn’t get much activity anymore but it is well worth the two hours plus it takes to get to the top and back. The trailhead is located in the northeast corner of Upper Spotted Tail Campground.
RR and Highway Bridge View

Looks like the silt run has been delayed a few days. Lake should be full again on August 5th. As of today, there are still quite a few boats on the lake and it appears to be pretty full.
The peak from our view on Knight Mountain

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Spillway

Took along my personal photographer for a photo session at the spillway.
The lake will be lowering for the silt run starting July 7, love the photo opportunities when the water is running hard
Resting up from long photo session

Friday, July 3, 2015

Busy Park Weekend

My guess - The park Wildlife is hoping the weekend will soon end
The park is filling up for Independence day weekend. We saw a few empty camper spots this afternoon, but I am sure they will fill up this evening. Lots of tent campers this year, nice to see.
Many Boats on the Water
Sandy Beach