Monday, February 16, 2015

Looks Like an Early Spring

Last year I took this photo in March while the lake was locked in ice. I watched people walking on the ice edge at Long Canyon this same day. 
Photo From March 8, 2014 -  Quarry Point Near the West Side Boat Dock

This year the ice is just about gone in mid-February. Weather forecasts appear to be for warm enough weather to keep the water open.

Today at Lower Spotted Tail

This morning I noticed the lake is full, or at least full enough that water is up on the main boat ramp. Not sure anyone would care to put a boat in today, but soon we may see a boat or two on the lake.
Open Water and oh  So Blue

Seems to me that the first cold water in the spring is always the bluest of the year, not sure if it is the clear snow melt water or the time of year but I love the color.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Skyline Drive in Guernsey State Park

Great trip to the park today. We saw more cars in two hours than the total we have seen in the park over the past few weeks. People walking makes me dream of spring. I know its too early yet, but nice day to dream of warm weather to come. For those of you too far away,  here in photos is our Skyline Drive trip today.

Fire Reflection on Ice

Evening Haze Settles over Laramie Peak

The Ice is Melting the Blue Water Returns

Castle in the Setting Sun

Two More Steps and I am Out of Here

Deer On Sunny Hillside

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ice is Breaking Down on Wyoming Lakes

The state has issued a warning to ice fisherman to be careful as much of the states ice is no longer safe for walking or standing on when ice fishing. I have never seen anyone ice fishing on Guernsey Lake but I have seen people playing on the ice. Now is the time to stay off. 

Can Spring really be coming this soon? Probably not!

Ice Can Draw an Interesting Picture
Open Water and Ice at Sandy Beach
Flying Toward Spring