Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guernsey State Park - North Bluff Trail

It was a bit on the cool side when we hiked in the park early this afternoon. Our choice of a trail today started at the Castle as we hiked the North Bluff Trail. With the temperature around 30, we moved pretty fast, for us, the first part of the trail. This hike took just under an hour and a half with the temperature rising to 37, but the wind was coming up by the time we finished.
The Castle looking from the west

This trail has a nice turnaround allowing hikers to go away from the Castle on the lower trail along the river/lake and return through the bluffs on the upper trail. 
Nice view of Laramie Peak along the trail

It could be hiked in less than half the time we do it, but we often spend time looking around, resting and taking photos along the way. I use my camera as an excuse to rest, “Wait a minute, I want to take a few shots of the peak, or deer, turkey, rocks, trees, anything to catch my breath.”  
Less than a quarter of a mile along the trail

This trail follows the high ridge above the lake going west then turns south with the lake about a half mile into the hike. Like most trails in the park, this one offers spectacular views and normally some wildlife along the way. We watched a pair of Bald Eagles and scared up four deer along the way.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Great Days In The Park

With the good weather following the snow, we spent a couple of pleasant afternoons in the park this weekend. We walked the lakeshore on the west side near the boat ramp and spent time along Skyline Drive in various areas. I love hiking this time of year, crisp air and so many of those, “It's great to be outside days.”

Chugwater - Tomorrow, Monday, November 21, I will be speaking to the Chugwater Historical Society about the Civilian Conservation Corps and the building of Guernsey State Park at the community center in Chugwater, Wyoming – 7:00 in the evening. If you live in the area, come on down.

Today's Photos - The photos on today post were all taken on this weekend's activity – fun stuff.

Writing - My writing has taken a bit of a backslide as an arthritic condition has made it difficult to type with my right hand, but it's getting better as I type this post. I had hoped to have a new book released before Christmas (my seventh) and might still make it – here’s hoping.

In the meantime how about this? A Christmas book.

Christmas Stories – I am considering some type of promotion in the next week or so for my book of western Christmas stories. I released this book a year ago, and it sold pretty well. If you like the West and stories of the west and maybe a bit of romance and magic, you will enjoy this book.
Take a look here and read the first one, or most of it at least, for free. Under Western Skies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Work and Wildlife in the Park

How About This Weather
It has been incredible and great for hiking and spending time in the park. We hiked Red Cliff Trail yesterday so that I could snap a few photos of the work being done.
Looks like they have everything bundled up to work inside through the winter.

Been Away for Too Long
  It has been almost three weeks since my last post on this site.  We took a great trip south and now I am suffering from some arthritic pain/swelling that is making it difficult to type.  Hopefully, I will be back to normal in a week or so, by the way, not playing any golf is starting to get worrisome also.  Guess it is all just a part of being nearly 70, but that doesn’t make it better. This post I am doing a bit of typing and a little hunt and peck with my good, left hand.
Spent a few hours at "Old Town," in Dodge City, Kansas while on vacation - wonderful museum
Wildlife Watching
Maybe the lack of traffic is the reason that there seems to be more wildlife out and about than usual.
We drove into the park from Hartville and followed Lakeshore Drive to the parking area for the main boat ramp. Counting the wildlife each way, we saw more than a dozen Mule Deer, does and fawns, several nice bucks, one bunch of 29 Turkeys and another flock of eight, and a Bobcat.
This was the first Bobcat we have seen in the park although we have often found signs.

What a Nice Day
Since I will be in Casper for meetings the next few days and inside all day long, looks like a hike in the park this afternoon. The day is turning out beautiful – perfect outdoor weather.
The Super Moon last night was very nice

Get out and enjoy your local parks and walking/hiking areas, the calendar says winter is still on the way.