Sunday, November 20, 2016

Great Days In The Park

With the good weather following the snow, we spent a couple of pleasant afternoons in the park this weekend. We walked the lakeshore on the west side near the boat ramp and spent time along Skyline Drive in various areas. I love hiking this time of year, crisp air and so many of those, “It's great to be outside days.”

Chugwater - Tomorrow, Monday, November 21, I will be speaking to the Chugwater Historical Society about the Civilian Conservation Corps and the building of Guernsey State Park at the community center in Chugwater, Wyoming – 7:00 in the evening. If you live in the area, come on down.

Today's Photos - The photos on today post were all taken on this weekend's activity – fun stuff.

Writing - My writing has taken a bit of a backslide as an arthritic condition has made it difficult to type with my right hand, but it's getting better as I type this post. I had hoped to have a new book released before Christmas (my seventh) and might still make it – here’s hoping.

In the meantime how about this? A Christmas book.

Christmas Stories – I am considering some type of promotion in the next week or so for my book of western Christmas stories. I released this book a year ago, and it sold pretty well. If you like the West and stories of the west and maybe a bit of romance and magic, you will enjoy this book.
Take a look here and read the first one, or most of it at least, for free. Under Western Skies.