Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guernsey State Park and the Silt Run is on

The lake is down as far as it can go with the silt run in full force. No good for water sports but still a great time to watch wildlife or hike the trails. Also nice time for a picnic in one of the old time CCC shelters. Looks like the lake will be full by the end of July, and water sports time again.

 Family  heading to  the shelter at Long Canyon for a picnic

From a recent hike in the park - Near Brimmer Point

The view from Sitting Bull Shelter

Love watching the Bluebirds in all the new houses in the park

While the lake is nothing more than a river this post has a few shots I took in the park the past couple of weeks. 

Nice little one - yearling Mule Deer

Small Rattlesnake crossing the road