Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Guernsey State Park and Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all. Please have a safe day with family and friends. We plan to watch the local parade then drive to Fort Laramie to take in some of their old-fashioned 4th of July events. Later a traditional cookout on the propane grill, just like our founding fathers. We may take a sunset drive up to the Castle on the North Bluff, to see how full the park is, then home, sit outside, and watch fireworks, not ours, just whatever happens to fill the sky.

Note -  Guernsey Lake will be drawing down after today, and soon will be unusable for boats, looks like this years annual silt-run will only last a couple of weeks, with the lake full again the last week of July.

Enjoy the day and all of our great American freedoms.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

June in Guernsey State Park


It has been a spell - my last post here was in March. But that does not mean we have not been active in the park. We are still walking, and hiking, as long as the temperatures behave themselves - when they do not, we go for evening drives in the park. 

June in the Park - Thought I would post a few photos of the park, all taken this June. 

If you have not been in the park for a while now is a great time of year to check it out. Too often people forget that the park was also built for enjoying from your vehicle.

Lakeshore Drive, from the Dam to Hartville, and Skyline Drive, up to the North Bluff and back, are a great way to spend some non-stressful time in the park.

Reminder - My book on the park is still available and seems to be picking up steam as summer is here - take a look here - on Amazon. - The Civilian Conservation Corps and the building of Guernsey State Park 

Not sure I mentioned my newest book on this site - all about getting a bit older - On Turning 70, click the link and take a look.

Get out and enjoy the park and all of Wyoming's terrific state park's and historical sites.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wyoming's Famous Oregon Trail Ruts

It is beginning to warm up and with that time to take a trip. Have you ever seen the world famous Oregon Trail Ruts, in Guernsey, Wyoming? If not, here is a quick look at a site that every history buff needs to visit. 

They are pretty narrow 

For everyone that has not seen the trail ruts, it is worth the trip. The area is very well taken care of by the people from Guernsey State Park, and the site is open year-round.
There are several sets of different types of ruts in the area

There is a short hike up the hill to the ruts area on a winding concrete walkway complete with interruptive signs. Once on top, the ruts started more than 170 years ago are spectacular.
The starting point
Signs along the way

Some people ask, “Why did they go here, over the top instead of down below by the river where it is flat.”
The answer is simple, the flats were often flooded, making the area a soft bog in many places, thus requiring the wagons to find, hard packed safer ground up high.
For visitors - this is the wheelchair path to the ruts.

When I taught western, and Wyoming history students often wondered if all the wagons followed this same track. The answer is no, many, and at some times of the year, most did, but ruts can be found along the trail on both sides of the river. Ruts can also be found across the prairie often several miles from the river.  
Just off the parking lot is a nice picnic shelter and restrooms.

Now that you have seen the ruts take the four minuted drive to Register Cliff and look at the names of pioneers carved in stone. 
Register Cliff - three miles south of Guernsey, Wyoming

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Year in Photos

Today I thought that I would post a few photos, from different times of the year, in 2017. I get asked quite a few questions about my photos and tell everyone the same thing - "If you take enough, some are bound to look pretty good."

North Platte River below the Castle during the Silt Run in July

 I snapped a bit more than 12,000 photos last year, in six different states, down from 11 states the year before. 

Long Canyon

But, Nothing beats Guernsey State Park. We spent a lot of time in the park, hiking when we can, and at other times merely enjoying a drive. But, at no time do I visit the park without one of my cameras. This year, so far, I took photos in the park a total of 125 days.
   We also made more than a dozen trips into the Laramie Range to take photos, and five trips to Fort Laramie. Love Wyoming, it can at times, make an old picture taker like me look good.

Main Boat Dock

Parking Lot Near Main Boat Dock

Fish Canyon area

Newell Bay Trail
Brimmer Point Trail
Newell Bay
Red Cliff Trail
Along Skyline Drive

Fish Canyon
Museum Drive

Below Dam
From Long Canyon

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Guernsey State Park - Fall Hiking

The years have slowed us down but not kept us down

It has been a while – too long since I posted on this site. Jan and I continue enjoying the park with one of the longest and most beautiful falls ever. All of today’s photos were taken in the past week on our outings in the park.
Through the rocks on Brimmer Point Trail

We are seeing a few people out and about in the park. Maybe others are finding some of the great walking trails.
Some heavy cross traffic near the park headquarters

Today for the first time we drove to a place to hike and there was a vehicle already parked there – we went somewhere else. I love it when others are enjoying what too often we take for granted.
Nice Mule Deer Buck

It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the park.
Loon on the Lake

In other news, I am getting close to releasing my tenth book. This one is a reflective and humorous look at turning 70, and the process of aging.
 From Our Hike on top of Fish Canyon

Christmas - Now as we get into the Christmas season my book of Christmas stories, released last year, is starting to sell quite a few copies. You can read the first of the 14 Christmas stories here, for free.  The book is available as an eBook or as a Christmas gift soft cover. Enjoy.
View from atop Round Top Mountain behind the Museum

Now get outside and enjoy the Wyoming fresh air, and along with that some great exercise. 
View of the lake and Laramie Peak from near the west boat ramp