Monday, November 30, 2015

Hitching a Ride

Saw this Huck Finn type bird hooking a ride on the lake last week. Not sure what kind of a duck it is but, sure seemed comfortable riding a log on a windy lake. 

Not sure there is any open water on the lake now. It has been, as Snoopy might say, cold and windy. Looks like winter is here.

Doesn't seem so long ago.

Flowers in Garden November 3rd

Monday, November 23, 2015

Off the Beaten Track

Today I thought it might be fun to show a few of the hidden treasures in Guernsey State Park. 

Newell Bay to Brimmer Point Trail

Oldest Log sign in the park


A terrific CCC culvert on Lakeshore Drive (photo from the Castle)

Drilled to split, but left behind by the CCC

The CCC built quite a few of these fire pits, although most  are out of service now, there are still several in the park


May have been many of these once - This seems to be the only one left

Sometimes it is the animals that are the hidden treasures.

Mom and a little one

Ugly and Beautiful at the same time


Hey there little guy

Late fall and early winter are a great time to be in the park. Not many people, but wonderful for hiking and doing the old, “Just lookin’ around.”

There are many nice turkeys in the park

Speaking of turkeys - have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  

John C Fremont must have been standing here when he called this the most beautiful river canyon in America.
I took this photo as the sun was setting Saturday along Skyline Drive

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Davis Bay Switchback Trail

Pretty as a picture waking trail

Great hike, in the park, this week.

Steps down  what appears to be a large rock shelf with the trail built through it

 The Davis Bay Switchback Trail. The trail we followed starts at Davis Bay and winds south to the Brimmer Point Road. We went backwards and started on the Brimmer Point Road, followed the trail north to Davis Bay then took the east trail back to the road across from the CCC bridge.

Fun to walk winding trail

After reaching this point, we hiked the half mile, on the road, back to our vehicle.

Always wildlife to watch - Looks like here she is watching us

The trail is nearly impossible to find from Brimmer Point Road until you have hiked it the other way (from Davis Bay) so I would recommend parking at Davis Bay and hiking the trail both ways, east and west before taking the loop starting on the road.

This switchback trail is truly remarkable, great views, some Civilian Conservation Corps steps and a terrific layout for hiking. 

A bit of snow didn;t slow us

Not sure how much longer this good weather will last but we are enjoying our time in the park.

Like most park trails - terrific views

It has always surprised me that the CCC built so many one way trails, I like this one because it can be looped much like the Red Cliff Trail on the east side. 

CCC Steps

Click here to see my book on the CCC and the building of Guernsey State ParkGreat Christmas gift for everyone who loves this specisl parkIt also makes a terrific coffee table or office waiting room book

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Bit of Snow and Lakeshore Drive

Three or four inches of snow last night, guess it was time. Most is melted this evening which means we will be out for a hike in the park Thursday or Friday. 

Meanwhile, work continues along Lakeshore Drive as workers seal cracks and asphalt patch several areas.

It’s still a great time to visit the park, for us, 50-degree hoodie sweatshirt weather is a perfect hiking day.
The new wall on Lakeshore Drive is terrific - The men of the CCC would approve

Fall also brings some of the year’s best sunrises and sunsets. I have only heard of the sunrises, but I am witness to some great sunsets. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Lost Trail

Even with as much time as my wife and I spend hiking in the park we are sometimes surprised. This trail is one of those surprises. It branches from the Evergreen Glade Trail that goes runs north and south from the Museum to Lower Spotted Tail Campground.
Trail Head at Lower Spotted Tail Campground
The trail breaks off, leading east and is, well built, rock-bordered, and easy to follow for about a half-mile, then it disappears.
Lab checking out the trail
We were able to recreate the missing trail by searching for tree stumps that looked to be random and long ago cut. By doing this, after surmising the only reason to cut random trees would have been in the process of trail building, we were able to follow the branch to the road that leads to the old CCC golf course. 

The photos below are what I call, "things to see along the trail."

Quite surprising and a wonderful hike in the November sunshine.

How about some Wyoming State Park Trivia today? Doesn't matter how you answered because here it is - enjoy! Answers are below the photo.

1. Which park was Wyoming's first state park?
2. Part of one park is also a National Historic Site, can you name the park? (this is not a yes or no question)
3. Which state park includes three reservoirs within its borders?
4. Fisherman come from all over America to fish the Miracle Mile, which state park features this world famous trout fishing area?
5. Sinks Canyon State Park sits on this two-word river. 

One of my favorite photos from this fall
1. Hot Springs State Park
2. Guernsey State Park
3. Curt Gowdy State Park

4. Seminoe State Park
5. Popo Agie