Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Lost Trail

Even with as much time as my wife and I spend hiking in the park we are sometimes surprised. This trail is one of those surprises. It branches from the Evergreen Glade Trail that goes runs north and south from the Museum to Lower Spotted Tail Campground.
Trail Head at Lower Spotted Tail Campground
The trail breaks off, leading east and is, well built, rock-bordered, and easy to follow for about a half-mile, then it disappears.
Lab checking out the trail
We were able to recreate the missing trail by searching for tree stumps that looked to be random and long ago cut. By doing this, after surmising the only reason to cut random trees would have been in the process of trail building, we were able to follow the branch to the road that leads to the old CCC golf course. 

The photos below are what I call, "things to see along the trail."

Quite surprising and a wonderful hike in the November sunshine.

How about some Wyoming State Park Trivia today? Doesn't matter how you answered because here it is - enjoy! Answers are below the photo.

1. Which park was Wyoming's first state park?
2. Part of one park is also a National Historic Site, can you name the park? (this is not a yes or no question)
3. Which state park includes three reservoirs within its borders?
4. Fisherman come from all over America to fish the Miracle Mile, which state park features this world famous trout fishing area?
5. Sinks Canyon State Park sits on this two-word river. 

One of my favorite photos from this fall
1. Hot Springs State Park
2. Guernsey State Park
3. Curt Gowdy State Park

4. Seminoe State Park
5. Popo Agie