Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Davis Bay Switchback Trail

Pretty as a picture waking trail

Great hike, in the park, this week.

Steps down  what appears to be a large rock shelf with the trail built through it

 The Davis Bay Switchback Trail. The trail we followed starts at Davis Bay and winds south to the Brimmer Point Road. We went backwards and started on the Brimmer Point Road, followed the trail north to Davis Bay then took the east trail back to the road across from the CCC bridge.

Fun to walk winding trail

After reaching this point, we hiked the half mile, on the road, back to our vehicle.

Always wildlife to watch - Looks like here she is watching us

The trail is nearly impossible to find from Brimmer Point Road until you have hiked it the other way (from Davis Bay) so I would recommend parking at Davis Bay and hiking the trail both ways, east and west before taking the loop starting on the road.

This switchback trail is truly remarkable, great views, some Civilian Conservation Corps steps and a terrific layout for hiking. 

A bit of snow didn;t slow us

Not sure how much longer this good weather will last but we are enjoying our time in the park.

Like most park trails - terrific views

It has always surprised me that the CCC built so many one way trails, I like this one because it can be looped much like the Red Cliff Trail on the east side. 

CCC Steps

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