Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Walk On The Beach

A Walk On The Beach

Sometimes there is nothing like a walk on the beach. That is just what I did today. For an hour and a half I did not see a car and could hear only the water lapping at the edge of the lake, a few birds singing and yes, a train.

I often forget how wonderfully relaxing a walk on the beach can be. It was warm and beautiful. A robin decided to walk with me and stayed close by for half an hour.
It even turned around when I did and cheerfully hoped along in front of me.

Beaches everywhere are in a constant state of change. High water bringing in new, I wonder what that is, stuff.
Nothing better than a middle of the week walk on the beach.

Very nice indeed, give it a try, I guarantee you will feel better afterward.
And maybe you will see a butterfly