Saturday, July 9, 2016

Guernsey State Park - Picnic

The weatherman says, “hot,” this weekend. Might be a good time to stay in with the AC. This evening we will take a trip to a few of our favorite, cool spots, in the park. We are hoping to find one of our favorite areas, unoccupied, and if we do picnic time.
Black Canyon Cove - Great Place, but Normally Occupied on Weekends

The North "Stoney Gate," on the Dam
The annual silt run from the lake has been set back to late July and the first two weeks of August this year. I am still not sure how they will pull this off as the river through Guernsey and downstream is bank full. I have not driven past Glendo in the past few days, but it appeared a couple of weeks ago like they were full or overfull also. The good news is the silt run will be a bit shorter, three weeks this time.
Water Pouring Down Spillway When the Huge Stony Gate is Open

View From the CCC Museum
Visit the Museum on a Hot Summer Day
When the lake goes down with the silt run is the perfect time to enjoy trails, picnic shelters, and the Museum. The lake may be down, but the park is still great.
The Keyhole - High Atop Knight Mountain on the Knight Mountain Trail