Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guernsey Lake Silt Run

The silt run is on, and the lake is going down. Still a few smaller boats on the lake Friday and Saturday but I suspect that as I write this, Sunday, that the boats are gone.
Often the Silt Run Brings Out, Even More, Wildlife As Seen Here in 2015

Despite the low water levels, it is still a terrific time to hike in the park. Last evening we hiked with friends, one of our favorites the Red Cliff Trail. The area, once called the enchanted forest always seems out of this world.
Water Running Through The Enchanted Area On Red Cliff Trail

Not often I have I seen water rolling from the Morning Glory Spillway, but during the silt run it happens. The Morning Glory is the spillway that comes from under and behind the Powerplant.
Sun Sets Backlighting the Powerplant and Spillway

 This spillway is 128 feet long and was controlled by two, 64 by 14 1/2 foot drum gates until 2014. The 2013-14 rebuild and work on the dam closed one of the two original south gates after 86 years of service. Now one, newly rebuilt, gate controls the south side spillway.*

Morning Glory Spillway

One last thing about an evening hike in Guernsey State Park, walkers and hikers can always depend on a beautiful sunset to end the day.

From the Boat Launching Area on the East Side

*This information is taken from page 169 of my book on the Park – The Civilian Conservation Corps & the Building of Guernsey State ParkWith Folktales and Stories of the Park. If you would like a copy, they are available by clicking here on the link. Books are available from many Wyoming booksellers, including the Park’s CCC Museum, and the visitor centers in Guernsey and Hartville. If you just want to take a look, click the link and read the free sample pages.


By the way, profits from books purchased from the museum go to Friends of the Park and are used for projects throughout the park.
Laramie Peak at Sunset - Photo From the Museum