Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Silt Run Birds

The silt run causes the park to go to the birds – in a good way.

Blue Heron searching for lunch in shallows

Most people seem to stay away from the park when the water goes down but not us.

Lot's of shoreline and not much water with Silt Run in full force

 This is an excellent time for bird watching. It is the only time of the year to see numerous Blue Heron and Pelicans, although they are always around, usually up the river.

Silt-laden water takes on a gray look - Pelicans don't mind

Today we watched a group of four Herons and another mile up Lakeshore Drive we watched five more.

Blue Heron Landing

As for the Pelicans, almost too many to count.

Birds seem to enjoy the new sandbar beaches

When we got home to rain and hail, hope the garden survived okay.


I like odd colors in the garden - how about a black petunia?