Monday, August 15, 2016

Silt - Sandpipers & Snipes

My Knowledge of Birds is Limited, but these guys are fun to watch- Maybe Sandpiper or Snipe

The water in Guernsey lake is still low, in places not much more than the river running through.  The good news is that the lake will soon be full again. This is the last week of the silt run, and it will not be long before boats are back on the water. We still have a few weeks of warm weather, even if the kids are starting back to school. Seems like this summer went by quickly, hot, hot, hot and now all of the sudden, cooler nights and at times, sorry, the feeling of fall in the air.

Will Be Nice to See Water Here Instead of Sand and Mud

We spent some time in the park this weekend, including a pleasant walk on the deserted beach. Funny all the interesting things we run across when the water is down.

A Bit of Wood a Touch of Dry Moss and Some New Growth - I like it!

Even the wildlife seems to change with the lowering of the water.

These Little Sand Toads are Unique Creatures

As always another beautiful sunset. After our walk, we drove up on the North Bluff to the Castle and watched the sun disappear in the west.

Leaving the park in the early evening, just after sundown, we would be very disappointed if we did not see a few deer or turkey on our way back to town. We were not disappointed. 

Nice Mule Deer Doe and Fawns

On another note, a fire of many acres burned in the corner turning into the park from the highway. Unfortunately, with the burn the power pole that held a huge Osprey nest the past two years (they raised a little one this year) was burned to the ground. I am sure the birds survived with no trouble, but now without the nest, we probably will not see them again next year. 

Osprey On the Nest

Another great day in Wyoming - oh - and at Guernsey State Park
Sunset From the Castle