Thursday, August 25, 2016

Guernsey Lake - Full and Fun, for the End of Summer

Guernsey Dam is full and looking great once again. The water always seems to clear a few days after the silt run giving the lake a beautiful deep blue color.

Sure Hope That's Not a Snow Cloud

The cool weather has not seemed to dampen the spirit of campers and boaters, maybe one last big campout before Labor Day.

Turtle Seems Uninterested in What the Ducks Have to Say

The hot days of most of the summer kept us off the trails for several weeks but now with cool nights and daytime temperatures moderating, we are getting ready to resume our normal hiking days in the park.

Back In The Water Again

The inch and a half of rain last evening was very nice. I always enjoy the lighting and thunder, reminds me of my growing up days in southeast Nebraska. The inch and a half of rain was nice also.

From Black Canyon Point - I Photo Edited to Look Like a Painting - I like it,
 Maybe Because I Have No Artistic Skills