Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Morning On The Lake

We spent a wonderful morning on the lake today. Although we spent many hours in the park each week my wife and I have not been out on the lake for many years. How many? We believe the last time we were on the lake in a boat was in the late 1980s or early 90s. That would make it 25 or 30 years ago, quite a long time.
Out For A Ride, Billy at the Helm, Brandy as First Mate
Jan and I Passengers 

This morning we accepted an invitation from our friends to take a spin around the lake. The weather was beautiful, a bit of wind made the water ripple but not too much. After so many years of not being on the lake, I made a few observances.

First, the part of the lake that cannot be seen except by boat is much larger than the part that can be seen.
Blue Mountain Water

Second, the stonework by the CCC is incredible and much of it, especially the culverts on Lakeshore drive are a picture of workmanship.
This Culvert Almost Looks Like the Wall of A Great European Castle

Third, the bridge on Skyline drive is one of the great far off views in the park.
The Far Off Notch in the Line of Small Mountains is the Bridge
Photo From West Side of Lake

Fourth, wildlife does not look for danger from the water.
Paying No Attention To Us

Fifth, I have complained on this site before about the Vultures circling every time we hike. I keep telling them we are not that old, not yet or not quite. Well, today they seemed to simply sit and wait. But, once again we got away.
Vulture Giving Us a Look as Possible Lunch When We Cruised Past

After a terrific boat ride I watched a high school football game live, then some college football on television. We then took a football break and drove around on the west side of the park. 
And a Nice Rainbow and a Few Sprinkles as We Left the Park

Then it was home because the cowboys will be playing on television later.