Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Round Top Mountain Hike

A Hike In The Park

Vitamin C In the Wild

Yesterday was cloudy, cool and at times, a bit of mist dampened the air. We missed too many hiking days this summer, with all the too hot days, and were not about to pass up a day in the high 40s.

Seems These Guys Are Always Watching When We Are Hiking - Maybe They Know Something We Don't

Round Top Mountain Trail

We stopped in at the Museum, always a great stop then headed up Round Top Mountain which is behind, directly east of the Museum.

CCC Worker Statue and Flags at the Museum

There was a CCC trail up to the top at one time but it has disappeared over the years. We first visited the park in 1983, and the trail was mostly gone then, now it is quite difficult to find.

The First of Two Sets of CCC Steps on the Trail

Hiking Can Be All About The View

I have often wondered why people use some trails and ignore others. Most hikers get to the top of Round Top Mountain now by walking the old road up. It is a pretty easy walk and offers some terrific views of the dam, powerhouse, and river.

Powerhouse and Glory Hole Spillway View From the Top

We hiked up to the top using the old trail, guessing where we couldn’t find it then followed the old road down, looped around to Evergreen Glade Trail and followed it back to the Museum. The entire hike can be finished in about an hour and is a nice, first hike of the year trail.

Foggy View of the RR Bridge on the North Platte River

Hey, You !  Take A Hike

We love Fall it is the best time to hike the great Guernsey State Park Trails. 
It Was a Perfect Day for Wildlife Viewing