Saturday, September 10, 2016

Enjoy The Park and a Free Read Too

I thought some of the loyal followers of this blog might want to know what else I have been up to. Here it is, hope you enjoy.

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Late Fall 1928 – Dodge City, Kansas
With the sun in early stages of setting in the west, a smallish and withered old man looked up from the rutted dirt street at the false-fronted building and smiled. It was in an old building, with some kind of blue or green peeling paint, his old eyes could no longer see a difference.  In all ways, the building was similar to those he remembered from decades ago. Maybe this would not be as bad as he expected. He tapped lightly on the door, beside the sign that read open, and walked in.
Once inside he pulled off his hat, squinted, trying to adjust to the lack of light indoors, then sat across from the reporter. The old man thought for a few eye blinks, about the first question then nodded yes, he shook his head no at the second question. He hadn’t said much over the past 60 years and now he was expected to answer questions from a young reporter, and a female at that. She smiled and wrote a few words in her notebook; he doubted that she wrote a yes and then a no.
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