Friday, June 24, 2016

The Oregon Trail Ruts & Register Cliff

With several days on or above 100 degrees the last week we have not done any hiking in the park. We have gone on a few drives, and stopped to take in the view or dip our feet in the water, but, for now, that’s about it.

I see lots of tourists, this time of year, visiting the Oregon Trail Ruts and Register Cliff, both south of Guernsey. The staff of Guernsey State Park not only keeps up the park but is also in charge of the grounds, parking area, restrooms and walking paths, at the Cliff and Ruts both state historical sites.

For those that have never visited these two sites, it is well worth the time and effort to stop. Although many books and blogs talk about all the names that are no longer on Register Cliff, I like to look at, and wonder about, all the names that are still there, and there must be hundreds, maybe thousands. 

The ruts are beautiful, deep, rustic and easily assessable. Great place to take photos and also a chance to view wildlife and wildflowers.

 Next time you visit the park take a couple of hours and drive out to Register Cliff and Deep Ruts Hill on the Oregon Trail.

 Unforgettable experience.