Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lakeshore Drive - Guernsey State Park

It seems like we have been out of town more than we have been in town the past few weeks. Last night we took a leisurely drive, yep, drive. We were too tired to walk a trail so decided instead to drive the lakes famous, Lakeshore Drive. 
Cruising Lakeshore Drive

A few weeks ago I had someone ask me why they would name a road in a Wyoming State Park after the very famous Lake Shore Drive that borders Lake Michigan in Chicago. Well, here is the scoop, or answer.
CCC Built Bridge Near Fish Canyon - One of two CCC Bridges on Lakeshore Drive

Tough to Beat Landscape Work by Mother Nature
Guernsey State Park’s Lakeshore (one word) Drive, is a decade older than Lake Shore (two words) Drive of Chicago fame. The winding, path, along Guernsey Lake’s east side was named Lakeshore on the first maps used to build the road by the CCC in the middle 1930s. It is a simple name as is Skyline Drive on the west side, but both are more than fitting. 
The Drive is Never Far From the Water

A Pair of Mergansers on the Water
There are other roads that border lakes for a bit, but it is hard to find one that hugs the lake like the Civilian Conservation Corps, built Lakeshore Drive. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a single one.
A Look At Lakeshore Drive From the Castle

Lot's of Wildflowers in the Park
And a few more scenes from last night’s drive, and to think, I didn’t even get out of the pickup.  Hike tomorrow, I can feel it. 
Killdeer,  I Think
Love the Bluebirds in the Park

Memorial Day Weekend is coming soon, get out and enjoy one of Wyoming's Terrific State Parks. Oh and to end this post a spectacular Lakeshore Drive Sunset. Not last evening but there are many of these along Lakeshore Drive. 
Taken From the Narrows