Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mountain Mahogany in the Park

Along with writing and photography, I am proud to be a Certified Wyoming Master Gardner. I take many photos of wildflowers in the park and most of them I have to look up to see what they are. Even if an identification of species is not my strength, I do enjoy trying to figure out which plant is which.

One that is a favorite of mine in the park, especially now, when it is flowering is Cercocarpus, better known in the west as Mountain Mahogany. It is stunning when in flower, and is a member of the rose family. They are a true western plant growing up and down the Rocky Mountain area in semi-arid habitats and usually at altitudes above 4,000 feet. 

A Most Interesting Bloom

In the park, the plant is most easily found below the dam near the powerplant spillway and near the Museum on Evergreen Glade Trail. 

Cercocarpus - Mountain Mahogany