Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tunnel Mountain Trail

Tunnel Mountain Trail

Yesterday I hiked Tunnel Mountain Trail in the park.

A few nice sit-down and rest places on the trail

Not from the bottom of Mae West Hill where the sign is, but from Skyline Campground, the other end of the trail.
Looking at the Dam and Gatehouse from the trail

This part of the trail is mostly unused and forgotten but still fun with a different look at the lake and park.

What a Day

One of the reasons I took the trail, other than it was 75 degrees and gorgeous, was that I wanted a photo of the namesake tunnel. A photo with a train coming out.
Almost not a cloud in the sky

The lake is full and as blue as I have ever seen it. I have not ventured close enough to check the water temperatures but I am sure it is cold.

Now, where will I hike next? Oh, almost forgot, my photo of the train coming through the tunnel.