Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lakeshore Drive on a Snowy Day

Mule Deer in Today's Snow
What a day in the park. I was disappointed that my talk and walk in the park, for the local community education, was canceled, but with the inclement weather it was a very good decision.
Osprey Looking for Dinner in the Lake

Rain & Snow

We had snow much of the morning and early afternoon and a misty rain when the snow let up. In the past ten days, we have had 3.6 inches of moisture. Terrific for everything, hope it keeps on coming. Just so it lets up in a couple of weeks so I can start my garden, then starts again.

The North Spillway is Open and the Water is Running

The big question is? What to do on a snowy and wet spring day. How about a trip to Guernsey State Park? We didn’t spend much time outside my pickup but did enjoy a ride along Lakeshore Drive and back into Long Canyon.
The Obscured Mountain in the Background is Powell Mountain

Wildlife in the Park

At times, bad weather brings out the wildlife, and today was one of those days. We saw a large variety of birds, a few deer and lots of snow. All and all it was a very pleasant couple of hours in the park.
The Bluebirds Look Great Even in the Snow

If you have not been to the lake yet this spring, the water level is up, way up. Reminds me of the lake after the work on the dam in 2012-13. Overfull but looks great.
The Boat Ramp at Long Canyon is Under Water - Still Usable Though

No better way to relieve stress or in our case, home-boundness, (I may have made up that word, but I like it) self-imposed today.
Geese in Heavy Snow - but it Didn't Last Long