Friday, April 1, 2016

A Book About Guernsey State Park

Must be getting close to park time again.
The Lake is Ready

Why do I think that?
View From the Castle

Because my book about the building of Guernsey State Park is starting to sell again.
Click the book to take a look

 Me too, except when the snow came this week.
Wednesday Morning

If you have not purchased your copy yet, they are available by hitting the link to Amazon here, or you can go to Barnes and Noble online and find a copy. If you make it out to the park, and I sure hope you do, this summer, they are available in the museum. Books can also be purchased at the Guernsey and Hartville visitor centers and in many bookstores around the state.
A Hiden Historical Treasure left by CCC Camp BR-9

They look great on the coffee table at home or in the office. Not only a great read but a good conversation piece.
C-130 from the Wyoming Air Guard over Roundtop Mountain in the Park

Coming Soon