Saturday, April 16, 2016

Guernsey State Park on a Cool Day

The lake is full, maybe overfull it looks great, but also looks cold.

White Caps on the Lake

Looking west from the lower parking lot at the Museum

With a storm front moving in it was a cloudy and windy day in the park. Hoped to see some animals about but think the wind kept them tucked away.

Looking South from just above Dead Man's Cove

Looks like the pair of ospreys have moved back to the nest near the park. That has to be a sign of impending warm weather. I hope.

The huge raptors eat mostly fish but we watched this one grab a small rodent

Not sure why some cloudy day  make for better photos than bright sunny days. Might be that the added layer of texture gives more of a feeling of being there.

The North Bluff Castle - Cloudy day photo from Long Canyon Boat Ramp