Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tunnel Mountain Trail

We had a great January hike in the park today. Temperatures hovered in the mid-40s and winds were gusting but not bad. We parked at Spring Creek Cove and walked the Tunnel Mountain Trail.
A very nice greeting party welcomed us to the trail
 Because the walk bridge was burned in the 2012 fire, we angled northeast and caught the trail about 100 yards above the trail.  (The bridge is scheduled to be fixed this spring, which will make this trail, once again, a terrific CCC walking experience).
The CCC bridge - I took this shot a few days ago in low light, not a great photo

The trail curves up the mountainside then runs parallel to the railroad tracks, far below, for two or three hundred yards before turning south among giant boulders and a spectacular view of the dam.

Nothing beats a great walk with a wonderful view
The snowy hillside trail

 We turned around once we reached the railroad tunnel that is the namesake of this trail.  Adventurous soles could walk on as the trail leads all the way to Skyline Campground.
The RR Tunnel

View of  the Museum, with telephoto, from the trail

Gatehouse View