Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cost to Build the Dam

The Dam as seen from the top of Spotted-Tail Mountain

Planning the dam at Guernsey took the Bureau of Reclamation several years, and when it was ready, the project stayed a blueprint for nearly ten years. At long last the sixty-eighth Congress of the United States allocated $800,000 for the construction. The bill was passed December 5, 1924, and the works were in place for construction.

Guernsey Lake - Photo from near the boat trailer parking area for the main boat dock

 Utah Construction from Salt Lake City was the only bidder.  Their bid of $1,200,000 was accepted and signed in early May of 1925. By late May, the company was at work. The work was started and the additional $400,000 needed was picked up by the Bureau until Congress appropriated more money for the completion of the dam later on in the session. By the time the dam was complete, the cost had run to $2,344,000.

Power Plant - Dam - and Gatehouse Spillway, below the dam

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