Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Day Hike

It’s been two days since the great first-day hike at Guernsey State Park.  For those who do not follow state park news, the first day hikes were in state parks all over the country.

 Last year Wyoming won a bet with Arizona over who would have the most first-day hikers. Didn’t hear of any bets this year, must have been a one year deal. Wyoming had 11 first day hikes this year, several, like Guernsey, had a choice of different routes and distances for hikers.
Park Superintendent Todd Stephenson addresses the hikers
I cannot say enough about the great Guernsey State Park staff and their preparation for the first-day activity. Nice warming fires, hot chocolate, bottled water, tea, and cookies. And to top it off, a free drawing for door prizes.

Temperatures were in the teens with no wind when we started but we were all tucking away our stocking hats and gloves by the end – beautiful day.

One last thought, I often hear people say how much they appreciate the restrooms being always open and always clean – I hope they are passing this on to the people who work in the park. Great job!