Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Cold Out There

At one time I loved winter, the older I get, the more I stay inside when it is cold. I enjoyed skiing for many years, did some Ice fishing and loved making snowmen and forts when our kids were growing up. Now if the temperature is below 20, I mostly stay inside.

We are looking forward to the next two weeks as the weather is supposed to warm, maybe to 50 degrees. That means we will be back hiking and walking in the park.

When it is cold, we still spend time in the park, but, for the most part, we stay in the vehicle. I do get out to take a few photos from time to time, but, usually, it is inside with the heater cranked up.

One thing I miss about not being out in the cool air are the winter views and watching wildlife in the cold weather. Everything is so different this time of year. Winter does have a beauty, all its own, but guess I will observe it from inside.

The photos are from last Friday, a cold, stay in the pickup day, for me.
Our Chariot awaits - after a bit of dusting off