Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snow Day Walk In The Park

If there is even a remote chance to do something in the park, we will give it a try, even in the snow. 

Not many in the parking lot for the main boat ramps
Yesterday (Saturday) was too nice to stay inside. We pretended that the snow was gone and off we went for a  hike in the park. This time, we choice one of our favorites, Red Cliff as it has quite a bit of southern exposure and we expected not as much snow. 

Steps nearly covered but not bad, only about 4 inches of snow
One of the older markers in the park - the trail splits at this point

Exhilarating as always, and in places, it felt warm as we walked. This trail stays away from the high winds that were gusting and we actually felt quite comfortable.

Seldom used CCC steps on the east side of the circle on the trail.
These steps led up to the back, east side, of Civilian Conservation Corps Camp BR-9

Fisherman far below in black and white
It’s easier when the snow is gone but with the nice snows, we have had this winter, 30 total inches at our place so far, the wildflowers should be exceptional. For those who like to boat, tube, and swim or just relax in the water, the snow pack for the North Platte River is excellent at this point of the snow season. Should be plenty of water, and with the snow, frigid water this spring.

More zoom and color still looks cold - hope he caught a few fish

Looks like the weatherman believes we will get some days in the mid-50s this week. Great hiking weather. Spring is on the way.

One of my favorite photos of wildflowers in the park from last year