Sunday, February 21, 2016

February and a Walk In the Park

What a beautiful day in the park. I had to look hard to find much ice as it appears about 99% gone.
A Bit of Ice near the dam

 Today we took kids, grandkids and friends for a hike. The temperature was in the low 50s no wind, just a hoody and my ever-present gloves – hands never seem to stay warm.
The lake is back

We hiked the Red Cliff to Museum Loop Trial. A nice hour and a bit more trip. As always it was fun, good exercise, and you just never know what you might see.
These might be the best steps the CCC built in America

With the snow now melted and nearly forgotten and the trails drying out we will be on our, almost every day, schedule of walking in the park.
Get out and see the park and maybe a mink, like this one we watched today

 We like to go east side one day and west the next.
Always interesting raptors in the park

 It is also almost that time of the year for our rather unscientific annual deer in the park count.
Never know what might fly over when we walk in the park

Meanwhile, get out for a hike in one of Wyoming’s great State Parks. 
Museum is well past the half-way point of our hike