Saturday, February 27, 2016

Let's Count Deer

Every year about, this time, early spring, or late winter, we do our official, unofficial deer count in the park. I took all of the photos on this page Thursday evening during the last hour and ten minutes of daylight.
First one we saw
 We will do another as this one fell a bit short. The counting methodology was simple, we drive through the park and count the deer. This week we took on the west side but didn’t have time to do all the roads so our count is unofficial. 
Couple more, only one seems interested in us
One hour drive we saw 24 deer, not bad, but most years we go another ten or so. It's always fun, we drive the last hour of sunlight and go slow enough to try to see as many animals as we can.
These 2 were about 200 yards away, almost missed them
 Not much out this time of year we saw only deer and a few geese, not one turkey.
Water looks cold, but these guys seem to be enjoying it
Next week we will redo this one and do a count on the east side also. Last year our two-day count total was 60. 
Almost dark for this last shot
This week also looks like it will be a good hiking week, not sure which trails we will try but we have an old abandoned road we have wanted to try, maybe this is the week.
Stay late enough and the park will reward you with a stunning sunset