Sunday, March 15, 2015

Great New Park Sign

Conservation Corps workers who built the park would like the looks of this new sign. Built of peeled log and stone, much like the CCC work throughout the park, it follows in the wonderful rustic look of the Parkitecture Movement that was popular in the American park building 1930’s. Today the rustic look of Parkitecture can be seen throughout the park and is widely admired in Yellowstone National Park.

Many thanks to Guernsey State Park and the Department of Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Sites.

When we took the photos another vehicle stopped and took photos of the sign. I may not know much about signs but when someone stops to read and take a photograph of it, I think it must be pretty nice, and this one is.

Reminder – This sign is on the Hartville side of the park at the entry to Long Canyon.

And as we headed home from the park, with the sun setting, I took this shot and wondered. 

 If millions of years ago the water of the North Platte started this separation of  Powell Mountain (on the right) from Knight Mountain (on the left?