Friday, June 6, 2014

Stuff I Saw On My Walk

Always nice when it warms up enough for the first, of the summer, walk on the beach. And in my case the beach is Sandy Beach in Guernsey State Park.
Great Beach, and Look at that Blue Lake Water
The lake was high when the Bureau of Reclamation was testing the new fix on the dam.  Lots of stuff washes up during high water, most of it worth nothing, stuff that was lost from boats or dropped in the river upstream.
Wonder what caused this?

 I like some of the drift wood, used to be a lot of people that scavenged the nice pieces, but any more, the wood mostly becomes part of a cooking fires or washes on downstream.
Might make a nice - something!
Beginning Sand Castle Building 101 - must have been kids here yesterday
First Pieces of a beginners wikiup

Grandson on Sandy Beach - photo-shopped to look like a painting

Too bad people don't take the time to walk the beach much, it is a great stress relief, and a chance to see stuff!