Sunday, June 1, 2014

Guernsey Lake Spillway

My wife and I love to go down to the Guernsey Dam spillway and relax this time of year. It is only a walk of a city block, and the view and the roar of the water is always special.
Spillway from the viewing area
Close-up of the waterfall at the spillway
 I have read two recent blog posts about the use of recorded sounds to sleep – give me the sound of the water releasing from the gate house and roaring to join the river. It is loud in a poetic, quiet way. The mist and spray and the occasional blast of water you get with it, is indescribable on a hot summer day.
Through the Gatehouse, down the spillway and into the river

One of the picnic areas with the restrooms in the background
We spend many hours in the park each week and love the quiet solitude of the forested hillsides and the adventure of hiking different trails. But the power and the roar of the spillway is something everyone needs to see and feel, a quick little, half an hour, adventure.  The spillway with its picnic and viewing area is an underutilized part of the park, we will take advantage of the area and picnic with the grandkids there soon.

Made a dash up to the lower Museum parking lot, to take this shot of the peak, before going home
One of  those wow moments at Guernsey State Park !