Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Few Things We Saw in the Park Yesterday – or What We Saw on the Trail

We spent a great four hours in the park yesterday. Although I am not sure I have ever spent any bad time in the park. Walking two, seldom used trails, we had an enjoyable, exhilarating and exhausting time. We chose two seldom used trails, one's that are only hiking trails, we like the combo bike/hike trails also, but yesterday we must have felt the need to work a little harder than usual. Might be one of those, “I’m still not too old to do this," kind of day.”
Spend enough time on the trails and you will see some great wildlife

The sun turns part of the lake a summery bronze. What a view!

The sun puts it golden touch on a pair of pines 

One of the great western blooms

Wildflower Season - still going on in the park.

The end of the trail
I never leave the park in the evening if it looks to be a great sunset and last night was a very nice sunset indeed.
No touchup needed
And nothing beats the sun setting over the North Bluff Castle.

I will post more at a later date on trail specifics but wanted to show a few of our views from the trail.