Thursday, April 13, 2017

Davis Bay and Davis Bay Switchback Trail

A few days ago we hiked the Davis Bay and Davis Bay Switchback Trails. Once again built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. These trails are compliments of CCC - Camp 10, that once thrived at the base of Mae West Hill.
We hiked this one a week ago in 40 or so degree weather - not bad

We parked near the Brimmer Pont foot bridge walked the trail to Davis Bay then circled back west went up the switchback trail and walked back down the road to our ride.
Half way point at Davis Bay

This trail gets some use but not nearly enough.
Good looking trail
Passing through massive rock

Fantastic views throughout, plus we burned a few calories.
Heading up into the switchbacks

For a couple of senior citizens like us, it takes more than an hour, about an hour and a half for us.  But, we do sit from time to time for rest and to take in the views.
My wife taking the same pretend rest I did - we did take some real ones
Nice View
Spring Crocus along the trail

In other news, the park is going to have a new look as people come in with a welcome/visitor center.
Just moved in and set - This will be a nice addition