Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Drive Over the Dam - Lakeshore Drive

It is so nice to have the road across the dam open once again. The work to the old Stoney Gate is complete, and all is well once again.

 We have already driven Lakeshore Drive over the dam several times. By the way, not sure my campaign to get Lakeshore Drive marked as such instead of the Lake Side Drive that was invented by someone other than the CCC men who built it and many years later, is gaining any traction. Just kidding, no campaign but it is Lakeshore, not Lake Side.  
The view along Lakeshore Drive - never gets old
Look close the North Bluff Castle is on top the hill

Still a great time to view wildlife in and around the park. 
Osprey sitting on a post as we came into the park

Eagles near Black Canyon Point