Monday, March 27, 2017

Guernsey State Park - Waking Up From a Long Winter

Wonderful weather and much time in the park the past week.

Animals are moving about, and the first of the wildflowers are showing.

Looks like the work continues on the original Stoney Gate on the north side of the dam.

We hiked to the top of Skyline Mountain Saturday discovered this great view and took a few photos.

We have also continued our hikes in different places looking at the dry lake, both disappointing and fascinating. Disappointing because I love the look of the park when the lake is full, fascinating because most lakes are never empty and never reveal themselves.

This time of year is also interesting to see things left behind from last summer.

Unofficially it still looks like the road across the dam (Lakeshore Drive ) will be open in May when the work on the dam is complete. 
Taking a break at the North Bluff Castle - what a weekend.