Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Windy Drive In The Park

We still are out and about in the park most every day but seem to be spending more time in the pickup than on the trails. The wind, day after day, is too much for us to walk much.
Still, I have been able to get some interesting photos.
Golden Eagle High in a Tree on Sandy Beach
These Photos Were Shot With Great Back Light From the Setting Sun
We spend most of our time on the west side as it is easier to get to then the east, through Hartville. We do try, each week, to go through Hartville and drive Lakeshore Drive.  The road to the dam is still blocked at the main boat ramp parking lot as work continues on the big Stoney Gate. This means that it is a turn around here and a trip back along Lakeshore Drive to Hartville, which is never a bad deal.
End of the Drive - at Least for a Few More Weeks

Photo From October as We Hiked Red Cliff Trail
Looks like there is a lot of interest in the solar eclipse coming this August. Along with the big eclipse, there were be plenty of other activities to entice tourists to come early or stay late.
Not an Eclipse but Sunsets in the Park are Often Fabulous - That's Laramie Peak in Center of shot
With the state of Wyoming’s economy, more tourist numbers will be great and needed.  
Where's the Food? 16 Mule Deer Waiting for Picnic at Lakeshore Drive Camping Area