Monday, October 10, 2016

Newell Bay Loop Trail

We were joined in the park today by this little guy - a Praying Mantis
With temperatures in the 70s and 80s, it’s an excellent time to be in the park. We have seen some enjoying the weather with a picnic and others walking and driving in the park.
The fall colors this year are the best in several years

Sunday we enjoyed a terrific hike taking the Newell Bay trail loop. It is a little longer than our usual hikes, but the great fall weather gives us a bit more energy.
Along the trail

This trail is not often used, especially since the 2012 fire. We feel like it is still one of the great hikes in the park and it is one of our favorites on the west side.
The trail has many beautiful CCC steps

We park at the burned Brimmer Point Trail footbridge; the trail starts about 50 yards west with a long flight of very nice Civilian Conservation Corps steps. The trail goes south to just above the road to the Newell Bay cabin area.
Brimmer Point Trail Footbridge burned in 2012 fire

After reaching the south end, the trail winds west around Holdring Mountain and then goes back north against some fantastic rock cliffs. The trail ends about a half mile west to where we started and is an easy walk along the road back to the starting point.
Many terrific rock formations line the trail - we call this one
 Crocodile Rock

Meanwhile, on the east side lots of construction as work on the gates continue.

To take the photos we had to circle in from the Hartville side drive through the park on Lakeshore Drive then park in the area used for the main boat dock. 

We then hiked the Red Cliff Trail affording a nice hike and great view of the construction going on with the gates.

And always lots of wildlive to watch.
"Here's Looking at You"