Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall In The Park

Looks Like We Found Bambi During Our Walk
Lots of activity in the park. No, not many visitors but the work on the dam gates looks to be in full force.

Don’t believe I have ever seen the bottom of the gate, pretty neat really.

Lakeshore Drive is closed at the park headquarters but can be accessed from the Hartville entrance, the road is open to the parking lot east of the main boat dock.
Road closure coming from Hartville on Lakeshore near the main boat dock. 
Skyline Drive on the west side is open as usual.

With the nice fall weather, we decided to resume our three or four times a week, hike in the park. We walked Red Cliff Trail this time parking in the area near the boat ramp and looped around the trail and back. Nice hike plus it allowed me a chance to take a few photos of the work.

Enjoy the wonders of fall and get out and enjoy the park.