Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year's Day Hike in the Park

The lake is frozen except for a few tiny spots. I find it interesting that when I see an open spot it is filled with migrating ducks. 

Ducks and Geese still find a bit of open water

The cold also seems to group the resident herd of mule deer, where I used to see one I now find several. 
Dinner time

Hiking is at a standstill for us with snow and ice covering most of the trails. We are hoping to make the New Years Day hike in the park. This program is sponsored by the Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources and looks like a fun activity. We missed last year, as the weather was too cold for us, looks like it will be a bit better this year and we hope to give it a go.
End of the day sun backlights a doe in the park