Saturday, October 10, 2015

Work in the Park

Now that summer has ended, there is a lot of construction going on in the park, Not many people visiting the park and some nice long days has made it great for working in the park.
On the west side, work has begun on Brimmer Point Road. It is being reworked to make it again drivable to the top parking lot.
Guernsey side closure - near the beginning of Red Cliff Trail
On the east side, most of Lakeshore Drive is closed. Driving in from Guernsey visitors can access the dam and spillway area and Red Cliff Trail. Coming in from Hartville only the Long Canyon area is accessible.
Just beyond the Long Canyon turn-in

Park Superintendent Todd Stevenson reported at the last Friends of the park meeting that workers would be shoring up some areas where the road is sluffing away and that work would also be done on some of the parks old CCC culverts.
Most never notice the CCC culverts, but they are most impressive.

According to locals, all work should be finished by the first of the year.
Nice time of year for wildlife viewing in the park
Right now the lake is low, nearly as low as it is during the annual silt run, I would guess this helps with the work along Lakeshore Drive.
West Sandy Beach area on a foggy morning this week
This time of year is great for hiking in the park, lots of colors and perfect temperatures.
Walk in the park colors
Get out and enjoy Wyoming's terrific Fall weather.
Long Canyon yesterday